Promoting the sport of Lacrosse by providing youth coed lacrosse programs and activities in the Verona Wisconsin area for grades 3 through high school.

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These chair and lead positions fulfill all volunteer requirements for all players


Committee Chair

  • Oversee all other lead roles and assist where needed
  • Set date and reserve location
  • Form a committee to cover lead roles
  • Be a liaison to the MC on questions

Communications Lead

  • Update event flier and work with webmaster to load to website and email accordingly
    • Emails should be sent monthly up until 3 weeks prior to the event and then weekly emails should be sent (prepare email to be sent and work with webmaster on process
  • Find varsity players/committee members to attend parent/player registration meetings to promote the event
  • Work with Webmaster/Registrar to update on-line registration (table or individual registration options)
  • Print out list of registrants to create table assignments, and provide list of participants at check in table
  • Update thank you brochure to be sent out to sponsors and update power point

Silent Auction/Door Price Lead

  • Delegate 4-5 volunteers to coordinate donations
  • Develop spreadsheet for tracking donations
  • Assemble baskets/bags
  • Print bid sheets
  • Send out thank yous for post event

Trivia Lead

  • Update existing power point
  • Coordinate with coaches to get judges and raffle ticket sellers
  • Coordinate volunteers for registration table, door price table, cashiers, price runners (just needed the night of the event)
  • Coordinate decorations


Cashier Lead

  • Responsible for (5) money bags (will need to be purchased in 2018 and then labelled and kept in bin for future years)
  • Distribute $50 petty cash in $5 increments to cash boxes and 50/50 wingspan sellers
  • Make sure you get the original $50 petty cash box from everyone you gave it to
  • Update the wingspan cash total every 10 minutes for the MC to announce
  • Maintain money during the event
  • Collect silent auction payments
  • At end of event, separate money collected into each of the bags (registration/mulligan, door prize, 50/50 wingspan, silent auction, original petty cash)


Supplies/Decorations Lead (make sure you have the following) 

  • NOTE:  A lot of these items may already be available in the Trivia Night bin.  Make sure to review/check bin prior to making any purchases.  All purchases are reimbursable.
  • 3 cash boxes (registration table, 50/50 money, door prize ticket table)
  • $50 in petty cash for each box in $5 denominations and $50 for each 50/50 wingspan seller (NOTE:  everyone needs to remember to return original $50 back to cashiers)
  • 2 pens on tables for writing answers
  • Many rolls of tickets in two colors (1 color for drawings and 1 color for 50/50 raffle)
  • Dots for MULLIGANS (only 1 can be sold per table).  These are sold in groups of 5 for $20 so there should be plenty of leftovers
  • Bags for drawing items (these are the black and orange paper gift bag that can be reused)
  • Smarties & Dum Dums for winning and losing tables
  • Pens for auction & game pens
  • Balloon bouquets (3 & 5 balloon bouquets work best) & 2-3 helium tanks (work with coaches to get volunteer players to help with set up and balloons). 
  • See Decoration Considerations below for additional insight


Decoration Considerations

  • Confirm what time you can get into the building for set-up.  This is a great time to get student athletes involved in the event with blowing balloons, hanging signs, unloading auction items, shifting tables/table set-up, etc.
  • In the past, the club has gotten 2 or 3 helium large tanks at party City ($40 ea)
  • Consider orange and black helium quality balloons (there are plenty balloons and weights leftover from prior years in the bin)
  • String for tying balloons (check to see how much is in the bin and the helium tanks usually include some string as well)
  • Reusable laminated table numbers with sticks and bases (these are already in the bin)
  • Various laminated Verona LAX signs (in the bin) taped where they will not bother paint